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[ANNOUNCEMENT] The RASC chooses Bofu Agence Marketing for a Complete Digital Transformation.

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The Cardiovascular Health Action Network (RASC), an NPO renowned in the fight
against the high prevalence of obesity and its cardiovascular complications among children and their families in Quebec, recently announced its partnership with Bofu Agence Marketing.

Not only does this collaboration aim to transform RASC's digital presence through the creation of a new website, the integration of their CRM with HubSpot, and the development of a complete marketing ecosystem, but Bofu is also committed to a donation to the RASC in support of their cause.

About the RASC

Created in 2014 by pediatrician and lipidologist Julie St-Pierre, the RASC strives to reduce the prevalence of obesity among children and their families. Its actions include the health and prevention center and the deployment of Approach 180, through the establishment of care programs or activities allowing children and families to receive the services necessary for prevention or treatment. burden of obesity and other non-communicable diseases through education on a healthy lifestyle.

The RASC also develops training and awareness programs dedicated to professionals.

The Partnership with Bofu Marketing Agency

This collaboration with Bofu Agence Marketing marks an important milestone for the RASC, not only in terms of modernizing their communication and marketing tools , but also thanks to Bofu's financial commitment.
The new website will facilitate access to essential information and resources. Integration with HubSpot will optimize customer relationship management and marketing effectiveness . The overall marketing ecosystem promises to strengthen the reach of RASC.

But beyond these technological advancements, Bofu Agence Marketing has demonstrated a deep commitment to the RASC's mission by committing to making a donation to the organization. This donation reflects authentic support for the cause and reinforces the partnership as a truly synergistic, values-oriented collaboration.

The partnership between RASC and Bofu Agence Marketing is more than just a commercial collaboration; it is an alliance between sustainable health and technological innovation, reinforced by a commitment to the NPO.
- Maude Sirois, Director of Operations of the RASC

Bofu's expertise in the field of marketing, combined with their financial support, positions this partnership as a powerful engine of change in the fight against chronic diseases in Quebec.

The future is bright, and this partnership promises to advance the RASC’s mission in a meaningful and lasting way.