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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Acquisition and Redesign of Social Tipster and CoderChamp

We are proud to announce not only the acquisition of Social Tipster, a search engine leader in social media tips and tricks, but also of CoderChamp, a platform recognized for its programming resources and soon in technology marketing!

Two Strategic Acquisitions

Social Tipster is a reference for anyone looking to navigate the ocean of social media with skill and strategy or to solve a simple everyday problem on a platform. On the other hand, CoderChamp has established itself as a reference for coding and web development enthusiasts.

Redesigning Websites for an Optimized Experience

In our effort to offer an unprecedented user experience, we decided to completely redesign the Social Tipster and CoderChamp websites. These new versions, more modern and functional, have been designed with the user at the heart of our concerns.



Expanding Our Editorial Horizons

With the world of social media evolving at breakneck speed, we are happy to inform you of the introduction of new content categories. In addition to existing articles on Social Tipster, expect insights on popular platforms like Snapchat and BeReal soon.

Discover Our Technological Models!

We are delighted to announce a major development on our platform: the integration of eCommerce functionalities thanks to Shopify.

This addition allows us to expand our range of services, and we are now proud to offer you exclusive templates for cutting-edge technological tools shortly!

Whether you're looking for a solution to optimize your analytics with Google Looker Studio or want to simplify the management and tracking of your tags with Google Tag Manager, our templates are designed to get you started quickly and efficiently.

These templates, designed by experts for professionals, are intended to help you gain efficiency and precision in the implementation of your technological projects. Discover them now on CoderChamp and give a boost to your digital initiatives!

Stay tuned to discover all the new things we have in store for you.