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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Fromagerie Victoria chooses Bofu as advertising partner

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Bofu Agence Marketing is pleased to announce its partnership with Fromagerie Victoria , a company recognized for its artisanal expertise in cheese for over 60 years!

Founded in 1946 in Victoriaville, Fromagerie Victoria began its production with fresh cheddar. Over the years, the business has transformed and offers a unique experience: an ice cream bar, an in-house boutique as well as a catering service to serve the best poutine in town! Since then, Fromagerie Victoria has become a destination with now 21 branches throughout the province of Quebec.

With the mission of serving fresh cheese curds every day and offering fast food service for the whole family, Fromagerie Victoria has become a unique experience appreciated by customers.

We are proud to work with Fromagerie Victoria, a company that has combined tradition and innovation to offer an exceptional experience to its customers. With our digital marketing expertise and in-depth industry knowledge, we are confident we can contribute to the continued growth of this renowned company.

We look forward to working with Fromagerie Victoria to strengthen their online presence, reach a wider audience and increase their visibility on search engines and social media!

For more information on our partnership with Fromagerie Victoria, please contact us by email at info@bofu.ca or by filling out our form on our contact page .