[NOMINATION] Pamela Rodriguez - Bofu Agence Marketing Web

[APPOINTMENT] Pamela Rodriguez

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Pamela Rodriguez as digital marketing strategist for our agency.

As part of her role, Pamela will be responsible for defining the initial strategic planning, ensuring the onboarding process and taking care of client accounts. She will also be responsible for creating a personalized customer experience on the various digital communication platforms in order to maximize the acquisition and lifetime value of prospects and customers.

Finally, she will work to establish budgets, resources, timelines and promotional planning for the various projects implemented.

Holder of a bachelor's degree in business administration and a master's degree in digital marketing from ESG UQAM, Pamela is undoubtedly an asset to our team.

I am a curious, creative and determined person, who constantly seeks to improve my skills. I am passionate about digital marketing and user experience, which are two areas that complement each other perfectly. My goal is to help companies achieve their growth goals by developing strategies that allow them to stand out.

My academic and professional experiences have allowed me to develop skills such as problem solving, collaborative work with the aim of bringing value to the company, project management, meeting deadlines, creativity and innovation in the implementation of digital marketing strategies.

Join us in welcoming Pamela! 🚀📈